2 day Lean Startup, Lean UX and Product conference for entrepreneurs, designers and innovators.

A conference for entrepreneurs, designers and innovators

Two days of workshops and talks with highly practical lessons and stories that can be applied at every stage of business, from an idea up to large organisations.


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What people are saying?

that's a really solid list of tangible & practical talks (and that's a pretty rare thing nowadays). - Tyler Rooney

Why should I go?

Learn how to Apply Lean Startup principles in practice

30+ Lean Startup experts delivering highly practical talks, workshops, interactive sessions and Q&A panels. Lessons to apply in the field.

Meet and connect with like minded people

You will get a chance to meet and network with other members of the startup community.

Share knowledge, learn from each other and meet the person that helps you get to the next level.

What's included with the ticket?

  • Two full days of Lean Startup goodness.
  • Catered lunches both days, plus unlimited tea and coffee.
  • Fun packed parties on Friday & Saturday nights.
  • A complementary copy of the The Mom Test book by Rob Fitzpatrick. "How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea."

Free book worth £19

front cover of the mom test book.

Every stage covered

  • Generate an idea and what do with it when you pick one.
  • See how to validate that your idea is a sustainable business.
  • Eliminate uncertainty by conducting customer development interviews and use an MVP effectively to learn from customers.
  • Learn how to create successful experiments to test parts of your business
  • How to evolve your business model into a profitable one.
  • How to measure and inform your business with metrics.
  • Using Lean Startup in the enterprise and large organisations to drive innovation.
  • Lean UX techniques and how they can be applied.
  • Bake experimentation into your product and build it well with continuous delivery.

Like this? Leaconf 2014 is happening on 17th & 18th November

Attend Leanconf 2014

On 17th & 18th November 2014 Leanconf returns for its second year for more of the same talks from great speakers delivering highly practical sessions

Attend Leanconf 2014

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