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  • Des Traynor

    co-founder and COO Of Intercom

    Des is a co-founder and COO Of Intercom, a CRM and messaging tool for web applications.

    Des writes the very popular Intercom blog, and is a regular conference speaker on topics such as UX Design, customer experience, and the business of start-ups. He is on Twitter as @destraynor, and his previous presentations can be found on Speakerdeck.

    Session: Product Strategy: Lessons learned from working with 100+ start-ups

  • Rob Fitzpatrick

    Tech entrepreneur, author of the Mom Test book

    Rob is a tech entrepreneur based in London. He has successfully bankrupted 3 companies, is a YCombinator alum (summer 07), has built products used globally by brands like MTV & Sony and has raised funding in the US & UK. He writes about early stage startup strategy at http://thestartuptoolkit.com, provides startup support via http://foundercentric.com, and is starting up his next company http://dex.io

    Session: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea

  • Stephen Rapoport

    founder at PactCoffee.com and Crashpadder (Airbnb, 2013)

    Stephen is a serial entrepreneur with a failure, a gentle landing and an exit under his belt. He recently launched PactCoffee.com, because fresh coffee tastes better.

    Session: Crashpadder, Airbnb and Coffee

  • Andy Young

    UK Country Lead at @Stripe, Co-Founder of @GroupSpaces

    Andy works on building Stripe in the UK,
    helping businesses of all sizes accept card payments through web and
    mobile apps. An engineer and hacker at heart, Andy started out
    creating his own games at age 7 on a ZX Spectrum. After an early
    career building web apps for e-commerce, real estate and more, while
    studying Computer Science at Oxford he co-founded
    GroupSpaces and grew it to help thousands of
    group leaders manage 5 million memberships, raising $2.5m investment
    along the way. [Andy's Selective Tweets
    app https://apps.facebook.com/select...] for Facebook has been
    used by over 1 million people.

    Session: How not to drown in startup advice

  • Lukas Fittl

    Lean Practitioner & Entrepreneur, Spark59

    Lukas Fittl is a Ruby coder turned entrepreneur who works with Ash Maurya at Spark59 on workshops and online tools of the "Running Lean" approach and toolset.

    He has given talks on Lean Startup and Customer Development across around Europe and the US, including at London Business School, Leancamp New York and Le'Camping in Paris.

    His work focuses on product management in a Lean Startup, and how we can encourage leadership and customer learning at all levels of an organisation.

    Session: We Built It, And They Didn't Come

  • Barry O'Reilly

    Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks and co-author of Lean Enterprise'

    I started out as a developer and have been working with Agile methodologies since 2001. Overtime my interest has led me towards consulting and project delivery using agile and lean practices and principles. I have worked for companies in the US, UK, Australia and Ireland. I am now based in London with ThoughtWorks.

    Session: Lean Startup in the Enterprise

  • Salim Virani

    Founder of @Leancamp

    Salim Virani is the founder of Leancamp, a Lean Startup event that creates faster ways to market traction, and Founder-Centric, which helps founders and accelerators make quicker progress using Lean Startup and business model innovation techniques.

    Leancamp made the early connections between Lean Startup, User Experience and business model design, and is becoming a global community. Founder-Centric has helped over a dozen accelerators and universities, and over 1,000 startup founders, by translating the latest entrepreneurial approaches into highly-practical and immediate tools for founders.

    Salim draws on experience founding 5 tech startups, and the digital media arm of a major direct marketing agency. Salim has also taught at University College London’s successful MSc Technology Entrepreneurship program.

    Session: Founder Centric workshops

  • Paul Joyce

    Co-founder and CEO of Geckoboard

  • Tendayi Viki

    Senior Lecturer at University of Kent and Principal Consultant at BenneliJacobs&Co.

    The lean startup approach to innovation focuses on applying the scientific method to the way startups are built. However, very few founders and innovators have expertise in science or the scientific method. In this talk, I will go over some of the core-principle of the scientific method and how it may be applied to the innovation process. The emphasis will be on the notion that science is a set of fundamental principles, rather than simple tactics such as A/B testing.

    Session: On The Scientific Method, Startups and Innovation

  • Andreas Klinger

    Proud Co-Founder of @lookk and @diesocialisten

    Crazy fast talking austrian geek excited about startups and products. There is hardly anyone speaking so honest about startup realities than @andreasklinger. He spoke at leweb, howtoweb, seedcamp, startupweekend, lean startup machine, leancamp and several other conferences.

    Session: Metrics for early stage startups

  • Carlos Saba

    Co-founder of Spook Studio and The Happy Startup School

    I’ve been building custom web software for over 13 years and worked with a wide variety of startups. Over this time I’ve found that the most successful products have always belonged to founders that clearly communicated their vision and concisely defined the startup’s purpose. No matter the idea, if the founder can’t clearly articulate their vision and purpose then following the Lean Startup can lead to disaster. You’ll end up running in circles listening to ALL customer feedback and pivoting at every step. At Spook Studio we're big fans of moving fast and learning from real customers but when you’re building something truly innovative your vision and values need to be your guide.

    Session: The Happy Startup Canvas: Why purpose can help you pivot

  • Johanna Kollmann

    Product Lead at Sidekick Studios

    Johanna Kollmann has been working in User Experience since 2004. After gaining experience in both in-house and agency-side roles, she is now a product manager at Sidekick Studios, applying design thinking, agile and lean startup to problems that matter.
    Her background is in Information Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

    Passionate about building better things through collaboration, Johanna co-founded Design Jam, helps organize several meetups, and enjoys hackdays.She has presented at conferences including the IA Summit, Euro IA, Agile, Frontiers of Interaction, WebVisions and several barcamps, trying to get better every time.

    Johanna likes dancing at gigs, hiking up hills, ice cream and manta rays.

    Session: Applying Lean Startup to Consulting: Lessons Learned

  • Martin Bryant

    Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web

    Session: Pitching your app or startup to the media

  • David Hawdale

    Lean UX consultant

    Fascinated, as an Experimental Psychologist, by the Science of Lean Start Up and how it stimulates UX and innovation, the use of Data to drive what we do, and how Behavioural Science can help us design for people.

    Currently working with Westminster City Council on Digital Strategy. Recently Interim Head of User Experience at The Times and Sunday Times.

    Ran Concepting Lab at The Times, previously consulted with Netflights, Lloyds TSB Insurance, Vodafone, Makro and many others.

    Session: The Science of Lean Experiments

  • Thomas Schranz

    Co-founder & CEO of @blossom_io

    Thomas is Co-founder & CEO of Blossom.io, a company that provides modern Kanban software for industry leaders like Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, Adobe, Intuit and Apple. He is also author of the upcoming product marketing book 'Growth Engineering 101'. Previously he worked on high traffic facebook applications for brands like Red Bull and the Fifa Soccer World Cup.

    Session: Lean Product Management Lessons Learned

  • Matías Hernández

    Founder Blue Noise and Nadielabs.

    Matías Hernández Van Waes is co-founder of Nadielabs an entrepreneurship and innovation consultancy Bureau in Spain. As a tech entrepreneur he has founded Blue Noise, a start-up that develops software tools on noise control and acoustics for architects and engineers. He also participates as a mentor in accelerator programs in Spain, has invested in several entrepreneurial projects accross different sectors and loves to drink good beer.

    Session: Lean start-up from the trenches. How to get customer traction to bootstrap your idea

  • Dan Crow

    CTO at Songkick.com

    Dan spent ten years working in Silicon Valley - four as a software engineer at Apple, then leading engineering teams at a series of startups. In 2005, he co-founded Blurb - the personal book publishing company. He then moved to New York and joined Google where he led teams working on advanced search features. After moving to join Google London's ads and Android team, he left to become Songkick's CTO in 2010.

    Session: How Songkick experiments

  • Rob Johnson

    Founder of Makers Academy and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Forward Labs

    I'm an Entrepreneur in Residence at Forward Labs and the Founder of MakersAcademy.com. I speak about customer development, lean startup techniques and evaluating bodies of knowledge.

    Session: Generate an idea

  • Alex Depledge

    Co-Founder of Hassle

    Northerner in London, Wannabe Yank, Holds a Masters from the University of Chicago and began her career in US politics before the lure of home beckoned. Keen to keep her connection to the US she joined the American technology consultancy Accenture in their Resources practice. There she spent 6 years advising top UK Energy clients on retail strategy and customer care before founding Hassle.

    Session: We thought we were lean and then we pivoted

  • Samantha Hosea

    UX, Agile and Lean evangelist; UX people researcher, Agile Enthusiast, and Lean Coach

    Samantha wants to facilitate you in making the choices that fit best with you, your company and your end user. She does this by involving your end user in ways you never thought possible. By doing that, you can learn from them what works and what doesn’t work, instead of guessing at it. Samantha combines her background in Design for Interaction and UX research with her focus on Lean and Agile. With this, she aims to support you in collecting the things you need to know instead of guessing.

  • Anna Kuriakose

    CPO at JustGiving

    Professional synopsis: CPO at JustGiving, the world's biggest giving platform. I build great teams that build great products. Ex Skype, AlertMe, Monitise.

    My passion is building consumer web/mobile social products which use big data tools and techniques to build engagement and personalisation. At JustGiving, 21 million users have given £1.5billion to causes they care about. We are now working on taking this to a whole new level of exponential impact - to genuinely grow the world of giving.

    Session: How to be a lean start-up when you are no longer a startup

  • Dan Toma

    Business Developer & Entrepreneur

    Dan worked at executive level in and for some really cool high-tech start-ups across the world before 'pivoting' his career to the enterprise in the quest for even greater challenges. 'Lean from within' is what Dan is all about. Favourite quote: 'Well done is better than well said' - B. Franklin.

    Session: Intrapreneurs challenge: How to shift the enterprise

  • Jordi Romero

    CEO at @Itnig

    I'm CEO and Partner at itnig, a startup accelerator from where we help other entrepreneurs create online businesses.

    I used to be the CTO of Teambox, the company behind the greatest open-source collaboration software. While working at Teambox, I lived in Noe Valley, a nice neighborhood close to Castro, in San Francisco.

    Session: Using metrics for actionable decision making

  • Umar Yusufu

    Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of pre-startup in stealth mode

    Entrepreneur, Business relations expert, New Business Development, Concept Management, Marketing and Sales Consultant, Business Model Generation Co-Founder of pre-startup in stealth mode.

    Session: Its all about the market

  • Amman Ahmed

    Co-founder of @easysleepmusic, @relaxingrecords and @relaxmydog

    Amman is often described as a scrappy hustler after using £1k to turn a crazy idea into a business. A graduate from The University of Manchester in 2010, he struggled to fit into any established business environment as it didn't make sense to be working for someone else. One thing he was good at during primary education was sketching and painting. By "connecting the dots" creating a business was like painting a beautiful picture.

    He has taken www.easysleepmusic.com and grown it into www.roundwav.es to 2.5 million monthly views, with features in WJS, The Times and also a recognised Virgin Pioneer. He is now an investor in a music video discovery startup called rormix.com So far they in the process of growing the YouTube brand youtube.com/rormix while they develop the technology platform.

    Session: Lean Viral Video Marketing

  • Rikke Rosenlund

    Co-founder of BorrowMyDoggy

    CEO and Co-founder of @BorrowMyDoggy, which launched at the end of 2012. Rikke was born in Denmark, has previously studied and worked in financial services and entrepreneurship in the US, the UK and Latin America, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

    Passionate about making a difference, BorrowMyDoggy is an online community that puts dog owners in contact with borrowers, who help take care of their dogs. The aim of BorrowMyDoggy is to leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people.

    Session: Building a company based on Lean Startup

  • Alan Ward

    Lean Consultant

    Session: Running With Knickers on Your Head: Applying Lean Startup in the Public Sector

  • Devin Hunt

    Founder Centric

    Devin is a London based designer and partner at Founder Centric. Devin has founded three companies and one of them - lyst.com - is actually doing ok. He has also worked with a variety of brands - like Vice Magazine, Disney Imagineering, and BERG - to build some awesome stuff.

    He speaks about design, development and building products at startup scale.

    Session: MVPs in Practice

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